Signal Facilities and Photovoltaic Public Lighting

The photovoltaic public lighting allow to illuminate roads or zones too away from the electric net.

 The solar rays, through the photovoltaic modules, produce the necessary electric energy for the lamppost. The electric energy, produced by the photovoltaic modules, has accumulated in the batteries that it turns to them, they feed the lamp during the nighttime hours. The whole system is managed by a electronics control unitwhit a microprocessor.


Display velox

The display velox is a valid system for speed reduction: it induces the drivers to do not excedeed the speed limits.

The installation of this tool allows a notable reduction of the accidents and other casualties.

Solar  Street Lamp

The photovoltaic solar street lampis the ideal solutions fot the illumination of squares, roads and intersections.
The system allows the automatic lighting to the sunset and the turning off the dawn.
The control unit adjusts the duration of illumination of the lamp to the availability of energy stored in the battery, with a least duration programmed of 6 hours beginning from the sunset.
This innovative solution allows to saving of energy, with a great bright (3600 lms) intensity in the evening hours of great requirement.

The solar lamp-post is ecological, it doesn't have costs of exercise and it is exempt from maintenance.

Signal Facilities and Photovoltaic Public Lighting