Crash Attenuator

The crash attenuator is for defense and it is constituted from a plan vertical façade said “face of impact”, which is connected through system articulated to the bearing frame. The bearing frame, also called "castle" is predisposed for the anchorage to the structure of combining installed on the vehicle.

Inside the articulated system they are lodged you 2 containers in aluminum collassabile, actions to the absorption of the kinetic energy in case of collision of a vehicle that arrives from behind.
To outfit it is anticipated a bright descriptive plate anchored to the castle.

Our crash attenuator offers an effectiveness protection for the road users and for the people that operates with mobile sites and can be used in any site in which must be worked protected by a signal of closing of passage.

Its principal characteristic is its structure collassabile which (from test effected from the house builder) succeeds in absorbing a bump of a vehicle of 2000Kg of mass that directly strikes the back part to a speed of 100 Km / h, limiting the damages to the occupants that travel with the lace safety belts.
To work in safety is a 3s priority for a long time.

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Crash Attenuator

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