Traffic Circle realized in PVC

The traffic circle, or rotatory, is one of the more rapid and effective interventions of mobility, for moderation and simplification of the traffic as well as of diminution of the air and noise pollution, in comparison to the intersections with semaphore.
The adoption of the rotatory ones involves notable benefits both in safety terms and in terms of issues. 3S realize rotatory to mobile elements in recycled plastics, of different dimensions and of easy installation through the earth fixing of metallic pivots.

The forms for the rotatory ones are produced for injection and heat molding departing from a polymeric matrix to base of PVC recycled with addition of plasticiser.


Diametro esterno(metri) 5,10 7,20 8,40 9,90 12,00 15,90 18,00 20,10
Diametro interno(metri) 3,10 5,20 6,40 7,90 10,00 13,90 16,00 18,10
Traffic Circle realized in PVC